Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

This year I'm going to try to guilt myself into keeping my New Year's resolutions. Knowing that all of you will know when I fail may give me the push I need to get this stuff done. That said, if you don't see or hear from me again this year, you'll know why.

  1. Lose 30 lbs. (Goodbye DQ and fast food)
  2. Organize and backup the pictures on the computer (we have almost 4 years worth - it's a big job and continues to get bigger the longer I put it off)
  3. Get something done with the research (really anything would be an improvement over last year)
  4. Write a weekly blog entry (I've really been slacking lately)
  5. Kiss my kids more (I need to have at least one of these that I know I'll do)

So there you have it. I'll start on Number 1 as soon as I finish off the Oreo's still in the pantry. And I think there's some brownie mixes that can't go to waste, and maybe a couple of bags of chips....

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